Aloys Nyakwara and David Murimi both got 15/17 predictions in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot to win KSHs 2,141,207.

As has become the norm every week, SportPesa continues to make millionaires and this time two lucky gamers were recipients of a healthy bonus.

Aloys Nyakwara and David Murimi both got 15/17 predictions in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot to win KSHs 2,141,207.

Just two games saw them narrowly miss out on the entire pot that was sitting at a mouthwatering KSHs 304,947,474.

Nyakwara, a carpenter cum shoe salesman from Kisii, explained how the win could not have come at a better time because he was in desperate need.

Around 8 months ago, his shop was vandalized and thugs made away with all his machinery and the shoes he had for sale.

“After I was robbed, it really dented all my finances. I already had a bank loan and now I had no way of paying it off with my business stalled.

“I am very grateful for this money I have won from SportPesa because it will help me pay off my debts and still have more than enough for my family,” Nyakwara told SportPesa’s Blog.

He vividly recalls that the biggest win he had achieved before this was KSHs 28,000 that he won courtesy of a tip he received from his son.

Nyakwara went to explain that he had no idea his winning Mega Jackpot slip had amounted to him becoming a millionaire until the next morning.

“My phone had died the night before so I went to sleep quite early. As soon as I woke up and turned on my phone, the messages started to come in.

“When I saw the SportPesa message, before telling my wife, I consulted my son and he indeed confirmed that it was real and that God had answered our prayers,” he recalls.

His counterpart Murimi, a technician from Embu County, was just as pleased with his win and vowed that he would come and collect the entire pot soon.

The progressive SportPesa Mega Jackpot continues to rise and has now reached a titanic KSHs 306,310,331.

“I believed in my analysis when I placed my bet, but I had not thought that I would be waking up a millionaire. I could not believe it.

“The winnings will help me expand my business and anything that my family was lacking, I will be able to provide it now,” the father of three explained.

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