Virtual Football Cup

Virtual Football Cup is now available on SportPesa with an updated version that offers the favorite bets for every country or player and allows for more betting options.

The Virtual Football Cup is an application that allows betting on virtual football matches between teams. The game runs a Virtual Football Cup with 16 countries divided into four groups of four teams each. The top two in each group qualify for the Quarterfinals that will be played as a knockout until the finals.

The game outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) with weighting applied proportionally to the listed odds.


Matches are played constantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Players can play at any time; however, we recommend that you limit your time and always gamble responsibly.


Placing a Virtual Football Cup Bet

For pre-game bets on desktop, you can select a bet by clicking on the odds. This will add the selection to the betting slip to set a stake and submit your bets.

For Half-Time bets, you can select a bet by clicking on the odds at the Half-Time. This will open a pop-up where you can pick the chosen stake on which to bet. From there, you will directly place your bet without putting it in the bet slip.

On mobile, when placing a pre-game bet, you can decide to select “submit bet” to place the bet directly or select “bet slip” to place the bet on the bet slip to be submitted later.

Bets for a game will be closed when the game starts. If outstanding bets remain for a game that has already begun, and the bet slip has not yet been submitted, the bets will be greyed out of the slip and no longer be submitted.

Malfunction while uploading a game due to it not being generated correctly for any reason will void bets for that game and return any stakes.


Virtual Football Cup Game Highlights

This version is all about better UX and improved retention

Cash-out options for the player to claim his winnings early during the half-time break

Dynamic odds influenced by user trends during the pre-match periods

Each Tournament features 16 participating national teams.

Matches are played continuously, 24/7

Matches closely resemble the live tournaments:Each group stage includes 6 games split into 6 different matchday, Group stage and Quarterfinals matchdays include four games played in parallel, while Semi-finals include two games played in parallel.

Customizable UI to meet your brand’s requirements


Basic Navigation

Each Virtual Football Cup group stage contains three games split into three different matchdays.

Group stage and Quarterfinals matchdays comprise four games played in parallel, while Semi-finals and Finals comprise two games played in parallel.

Each game has a broadcast stream and betting options. The tabs running across the top allow players to browse between the different matches. The countdown to the next matchday is presented above the betting options.

The main screen presents a video area, and below it, there are betting options for each game that will be played on the matchday. Here you can either bet on or choose to view more betting options for the different games

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Minimum Bet and Maximum Win

Virtual Football betters may encounter various minimum and maximum bet limits. These are dynamic and vary depending on the type of bet. However, they will kick in to prevent players from placing bets for which we would not return the total pay-out.

We do this to ensure that players always receive the amount listed as a pay-out if their bet wins. If a limit prevents this pay-out, the player will be asked to amend their bet amount before their submission is accepted.



We offer a cash-out option to claim your winnings early during the half-time break.

Cashing out means that the bet is closed before the game ends, and the funds are transferred to the user’s account once he/she decides to do so.

Cash-out options are not available on half-time bets and the “Draw No Bet” option

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You can set your odds to be Fractional, Decimal, or American. These odds all have their nuances, and it is a personal preference according to which you are familiar.

None of these options affects your returns in any way. They are just different systems for calculating or comparing the return.

The default is Decimal, where the stake is multiplied by the decimal to calculate the Return.

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Virtual Football Cup

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