Virtual Football League

Lead online gaming firm SportPesa has made another headway in the market with a brand-new casino game known as Virtual Football League.

Virtual Football League offers players the opportunity to enjoy a European Football Competition with all the excitement of its betting options, 24/7.

Our new game provides a very realistic football league betting experience, accessible from anywhere, at any time and all year long.

Virtual Football League presents all the attractions of a real-life football league competition with top-performing teams and exciting matches every few minutes, for punters to enjoy 24/7, thanks to its super-realistic 3D soccer visualisation, combined with highly intuitive and easy to use UI.

Virtual Football League

Accessible from anywhere, at the bettor’s convenience, the perfect football league environment we’re introducing presents a series of beautifully rendered 3D football matches, and offers various fast-paced betting options, all for your fun!

Virtual Football League is played in a League format of 16 of the best European teams including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Liverpool, London, Lyon, Milano, Manchester, Madrid, Paris, Porto and others, thus lending the game an even more realistic feel.

Virtual Football League continues to blur the boundaries between virtual and live sports and consists of a continuing series of games played throughout a full season just like you would find in a real-life football competition, creating excitement with each goal.


Every matchday includes 2 sessions of 4 games each playing in parallel. The teams will play each other twice, home and away and the top team at the end of the league, after all the 60 games have been played, will be the champion!

The extensive betting offering includes a bet on the winning team of each game, Under/Over, 1X2, Asian handicap, Number of Goals, the final score, cash-outs and more.

Virtual Football League

Virtual Football League provides a very realistic betting experience, combining the excitement of following a high-level European Football League and live football games held every few minutes, with Bonus rounds and half-time bets.

Players can keep track of the league and the teams and enjoy betting 24/7, with the possibility of winning big at various moments throughout the league.

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How to bet on Virtual Football League

You can select a pre-game bet via desktop by clicking on the odds. This will add the selection to the betting slip to set a stake and submit your bets.

You can select a bet for Half-Time bets by clicking on the odds at Half-Time. Once clicked, a pop-up will open where you can pick the chosen stake on which to bet. You will then directly place your bet without putting it in the bet slip.


On mobile, when placing a pre-game bet, you can select submit bet to place the bet directly or bet slip to place it on the bet slip for later submission.

Bets for a game will be closed when the game starts. If outstanding bets remain and bets have not yet been submitted, they will be greyed out of the slips and not be submitted.

Malfunction while or before playing a game from the league due to it not being generated correctly for any reason will void bets for that game and return any stakes.

Virtual Football League


Matches are played constantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Of course, players can play at any time; however, we recommend limiting your time of gambling.

Minimum & Maximum Bet and Maximum Win:

Virtual Football betters may encounter various minimum and maximum bet limits.

These are dynamic and vary depending on the type of bet. However, they will kick in to prevent players from placing bets for which we would not return the total payout.

We ensure that players always receive the amount listed as a payout if their bet wins. If a limit prevents this payout, we ask the player to amend their bet amount before accepting their submission.


Odds Variation:

You can set your odds to be Fractional, Decimal, Malay, or American. These odds all have nuances, and it is a personal preference according to which you are familiar.

None of the options affect your returns. They are just different systems for calculating or comparing the return.

The default is Decimal, where the decimal odds multiplies the stake to calculate the return.

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We offer a cash-out option to claim your winnings early during the half-time break.

Cashing out means that the bet is closed before the game ends, and the funds are transferred to the user’s account once they decide to do so.

Cash-out options are not available on half-time bets, Asian under/over, Asian handicap and the Draw No Bet markets, as well as on multiple bets.

The RTP on a cash-out bet will have the same RTP percentage as the corresponding market return to player specified above minus 0.5 from the difference between the return to player and 100%.

For example, if the RTP on the primary market is 95%, the RTP on the cash out for the same market will be 95% 0.5*(100% 95%) = 92.5%.



A Bonus Round including Marquee Matchups of the 4 top-performing teams, with better odds for the players.

A 24/7 virtual football league that ensures high excitement at any given moment.

An extensive betting offering including Under/Over, 1X2, Asian Handicap, Cash outs and Half[1]time bets.

Excellent 3D Graphics creating a series of ultra-realistic football matches.

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