SportPesa’s Chief Executive Officer Captain Ronald Karauri led a team from the giant gaming company in a very noble exercise as they gave back to the Ndarawetta community in Bomet County.

The company has been known for their involvement in the sports scene in the country but they took it up a notch on Tuesday afternoon.

SportPesa donated beds to start off the maternity wing project at the Ndarawetta Dispensary, a public facility, as part of its Maternal Health support initiative launched this month, when the world marks International Women’s Day.

“I’ve never been to Bomet and this is my first time. I’ve seen how green it is here and it is no doubt that you are truly blessed here.

“I’m grateful for the community here making us welcome and allowing us to help with this donation which I am certain will go a long way in providing a good structure for maternal care in the future,” Captain Karauri stated.

SportPesa donated six hospital beds with drip stands and will support the construction of a kitchen to serve the maternity wing, which was recently constructed by the management, with support from the community.

In addition to the beds, the company also boosted the management with over KSHs 800,000 that will help them set up the maternity ward that will save so many mothers from the area when it’s time to give birth.

“We have focused on sports mainly in the past but as we return to the scene, we are trying to meet other requests that better the lives of people in such communities.

“We are a big name that is keen on continuing to impact the community, we are ready to help wherever we can,” he added.

Maternal Health

The event was graced by members of the community and government officials who were also very grateful for the kind donation, acknowledging the fact that it is an example that many need to emulate in all parts of the country.

“We are very grateful SportPesa for all they have donated. This will be the only facility in Ndarawetta that will have a maternity ward, the rest are level 2 facilities and this is very welcome in the community,” Bernard Cheruiyot, an Administrator at the Ministry of Health stated.

Ndarawetta Dispensary is a public health facility in Bomet County that was started by the local community in Ndarawetta location in 1972.

It is currently under the Bomet County Government and is run by a Management Committee of seven members. The committee is elected by area residents and is registered by the County Government.

“I’m filled with gratitude today. I’m thankful for the committee of this facility because without them this day would not have happened.

“My response from SportPesa was the fastest I have ever received. As soon as I mentioned what we need as a society, they were ready and for that we will forever be grateful,” said Charles Kerich, CEC, Nairobi County Lands and Urban Planning.

The Dispensary serves a catchment area that spans a whole ward, and treats on average 40 clients a day. A few years ago, the Management Committee had the foresight to set up a maternity wing.

“Maternal health is of utmost importance and a matter of life and death at times, we cannot take this for granted,” Kerich, who hails from the region, concluded.

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