SportPesa Mega Jackpot Bonus

Two cereals businessmen Stephen Kioko Mbithi and Polycarp Kanyi became the latest millionaires in town on Tuesday courtesy of healthy SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonuses.

Using only 99 shillings, the two businessmen each earned a bonus of Ksh1,213,930 after correctly predicting the results of 15 out of 17 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

The two incorrect predictions saw the two businessmen fall just short of becoming the highest jackpot winners ever seen in the country as they missed the overall SportPesa Mega Jackpot that stood at Ksh 328,163,937 at the time.

However, Kioko was incredibly appreciative of the journey he has had with SportPesa and was pleased to note how the windfall will help him in supporting his family as well as breathing new life to his business.

This, he said even as he eyed the overall SportPesa Mega Jackpot prize which currently stands at a whooping Ksh 329,324,050.

“This victory has come just in time for me to expand my business which is something I have always wanted to achieve and is now turning into a reality.

I believe that SportPesa is very real and I will continue to play and maybe one day I can win the entire Mega Jackpot,” Kioko remarked.

“The Mega Jackpot will not get to the 330million mark because I am going to win it. I urge people to play because you never know, anyone could be the lucky winner of all this money,” he added.

Polycarp was also lucky after winning the same amount courtesy of the SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus.

On his part, Polycarp was handed a pleasant surprise call from SportPesa informing him of the huge win after forgetting to check the outcome of his bet.

“I placed my Mega Jackpot bet on Friday (13 October) and forgot about that story completely. I did not follow up to see how the games were going only to be informed that I had won via a call from SportPesa.

SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus

He had picked FC Cartagena to beat Racing Santander at the weekend but unfortunately it ended with the away team winning.

In the FC Osaka vs FC Gifu match, Polycarp believed the home team would come out on top, but it resulted in a draw.

“I have only been gaming with SportPesa for one year and I can confirm to everyone that this it is very real,” he said.


After the close shave, the progressive jackpot now stands at a whopping Ksh329,324,050 and only costs Ksh99 to place a bet.

The SportPesa Mega Jackpot also offers healthy bonuses from 12 correct predictions.

Play here and stand a chance of winning the 329 Million SportPesa Mega Jackpot

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