Best soccer players of all time

Over the past decade, many fans have continuously wondered ‘who is the goat of soccer?’

Significant players Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have especially been referred to as the goats of soccer. Both have admirable achievements and awards in the field of football.

So, who is the goat of soccer? There has been a long-standing debate on the title edging between Messi and Ronaldo.

Besides, in the long history of football, there have been a number of players who have taken the coveted title. Read on as we explore who truly deserves the title of soccer goat.

What is the meaning of ‘goat of soccer’?

Juventus’ Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo (L) walks past Barcelona’s Argentinian forward Lionel Messi during the UEFA Champions League group G football match between Barcelona and Juventus at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on December 8, 2020. (Photo by Josep LAGO / AFP)

GOAT is a term that has been used to describe individuals who have complete mastery of their career fields. It is an acronym for the ‘Greatest Of All Time’. Goat has especially been used in sports, for icons such as Michael Jordan in NBA basketball and professional boxer Mohammad Ali. As for football, Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are some of the well-known goats of soccer.

Who is the goat of soccer now?

Football icons such as Pele, Maradona and Cruyff have built the soccer world through their unique roles in soccer. However, for almost two decades now it has been alternating between renowned players Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. After 2022’s Qatar World Cup, it was clear that Messi took the soccer goat title after steadily leading Argentina to victory. Ronaldo on the other hand, has the most overall goals, Champions League goals, club goals and assists and international goals.

Christiano Ronaldo

Who is the goat in soccer? For the past decade and a half, Ronaldo has been labelled the goat of soccer. The proof of his excellence shows in the fact that he has a record of five Ballon d’Or awards. Moreover, the eminent footballer holds the record for most goals and assists in the legendary Champions League. Christiano’s incredible skills in football have dubbed him the Lebron James of soccer.


The Argentinian player is the only player to have seven Ballon d’OR awards under his belt. Besides, he also holds the record for the player to have the most World Cup goals, appearances and the highest goal-per-game rate in the world. Messi has followed after the footsteps of fellow Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona who was the goat of football in his time. Thanks to his ongoing career, the beloved player’s impact is undeniable, rightfully earning him the title of goat soccer player.

Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe is one of the youngest but greatest football players globally. At only 18 years old, the prominent footballer won his first World Cup for his country. Kylian has been named the up and coming goat of soccer, thanks to his immensely flourishing career. Also, he proceeded to the World Cup Finals in 2022, scoring all three goals against Argentina who won the match.


During the length of his career, Neymar has earned two FC Barcelona titles, one for the LaLiga and another for Champions League. He has followed after eminent Brazilian footballers, Pele and Ronaldo with his distinguished career. Also, Neymar has been a part of four consecutive Ligue 1 championship sides with French powerhouse Paris St-Germain. The outstanding soccer goat is to join Christiano Ronaldo in the Saudi professional league to success.

Who is the GOAT in soccer history?

Over the past century, numerous figures have achieved the GOAT status in football. Names such as Nazarino, Cruyff and Zidane are some of the best in the game. However, Pele remains the undisputed soccer goat of the 20th century and was even named FIFA Player of the Century in 1999.


Who’s the goat of soccer? Brazilian football legend, Pele has been named on TIME’s 100 Most Important People of the Twentieth Century list. Also, he has scored the highest number of goals (1279) in the history of football. The late soccer icon is credited with the globalization of football and even more importantly, leading racially diversity for players in the sport. For many fans of the popularized game, Pele is seen as the best and was even voted FIFA player of the century.

Diego Maradona

With a marvellous career spanning 21 years, Maradona carved a solid name for himself in the football world. He won many awards including FIFA Player of the Century FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup Golden Ball and FIFA World Cup Golden Shoe, just to mention a few. Maradona is a certified soccer goat and was awarded the Goal of the Century Award in 1986. Even though he was stature, his impressive dribbling skills and ability to control the game set him apart as a true maestro of soccer.

Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff is a three-time Ballon d’Or winner and a former player for Barcelona. Also, he was awarded the 1974 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball after coming in second place in the sports event. Cruyff had an extraordinary manner of playing football and even has a player move named ‘The Cruyff Turn’. Modern football players use the more widely, which makes the estimable goat soccer player nothing short of legendary.

Ronaldo Nazario

Popularly known as El Fenomeno, Nazario is one of the best football players to exist who ruled the world of soccer during his peak. He has won two Ballon d’Or awards, as well as three FIFA World Player of the Year honors. Thanks to him, sports fans realized that Brazil was a soccer powerhouse. However, due to knee injuries his prestigious career was cut short.


Just like Pele, Nazario and Neymar, Ronaldinho has represented Brazil well on the football scene. He is well-admired for his skill in the sport, he had the passing ability of a soccer goat. For all the times Ronaldinho participated as a player on a team, the team emerged victorious even for the country national team. The remarkable sportsperson captured the hearts of fans around the world with his exceptional soccer goat skills.

Zinedine Zidane

Zidane is a France soccer player who scored the FIFA World Cup championship. Also, he has won three FIFA World Player of the Year and Player of the Year awards for the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup. Even after retirement, Zinedine has continued to be a fan favourite, proving his incredible talent in football.

Michel Platini

Michel Platini is one of the goats in soccer from France who put the country on the map, soccer-wise. In the 1980’s, he won three consecutive Ballon d’Or awards and was honored as the French Player of the century. Moreover, Platini is on the Italian Football Hall of Fame apart from being named World Soccer Player of the Year twice. The admirable soccer star has been credited with leaving an indelible mark in the 20th century football world.

Quick facts about goat of soccer

Who is the goat Ronaldo or Messi?

Many consider Messi the goat of soccer. He has scored more Ballon d’Or awards, which is the MVP award for football.

Who is goat of basketball?

Michael Jordan was named the GOAT basketball player by the Official NBA website. He currently has a net worth of $2 billion, thanks to his massively successful career.

Who is currently the GOAT of football?

Lionel Messi is the football goat of the modern era. He led his country to victory in 2022’s Qatar World Cup Finals.

Who is the goat of soccer history?

Pele is regarded the goat of soccer and as a global football icon. He is admired by millions of worldwide fans for his incomparable skills in the sport.


Answering the question of ‘who is the goat of soccer?’ takes a good amount of periodic analysis. The debate thrives on the diversity of opinions, interpretations and emotional connections that fans bring to the table. As the game of football continues to evolve, so will the conversation surrounding the elusive title of the “Greatest of All Time.”  

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