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A chance at history is here again this weekend with the SportPesa Mega Jackpot hitting a record high of KSHs 312,960,370.

For only KSHs 99, you can become the biggest football jackpot winner in the country courtesy of the Mega Jackpot.

SportPesa also boasts the best bonuses in the industry with hearty rewards from 12 correct predictions.

Throughout the year, plenty of people have joined the factory of millionaires via the bonuses but nobody has won the entire pot.

Gordon Ogada remains the highest football jackpot winner in Kenya after his KSHs 230,742,881 victory and he was followed by Cosmas Korir months later, who bagged KSHs 208,733,619.

SportPesa also offers a quick pick option that helps you select the games on your Mega Jackpot slip, which helps with time and if your analysis is wanting.

Just last week, Charles Odero became the latest entrant into the Factory of Millionaires after winning a hearty SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus.

Odero managed to correctly predict 15 out of the 17 games available and was rewarded with KSHs 1,722,669 for his efforts.

What makes his win even more special is that he used the Quick Pick option made available by SportPesa.

This weekend, the SportPesa Mega Jackpot kicks off on Saturday, July 22 at 9pm Kenyan time!

Polonia Warszawa will host GKS Tychy in the first match before the 16-game jackpot kicks off at 11pm Kenyan time in the Brazilian league.

The 15 and 14-game jackpots will consequently kick off at 12:30am, with the final 13-game jackpot beginning at 2:30am.

Simply click this link and place your bet on the Mega Jackpot today and stand the chance to join the factory of millionaires!

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