Charles Odero became the latest entrant into the Factory of Millionaires after winning a hearty SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus.

Odero managed to correctly predict 15 out of the 17 games available and was rewarded with KSHs 1,722,669 for his efforts.

What makes his win even more special is that he used the Quick Pick option made available by SportPesa.

Quick Pick basically makes the selection for you and despite not knowing any of the teams that were playing, he came agonizingly close to making history.

Odero was just two games away from winning the KSHs 310,825,785 that was on offer in last week’s SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

“I had no idea which teams were even playing and imagine I won all this money. The quick pick option really came through for me.

“I actually never play the Mega Jackpot but something pushed me to try it this weekend. I am grateful that my decision helped me out this much,” Odero told SportPesa’s Blog.

Odero works as a caretaker in Kisumu County and he expressed how happy he was to have taken a flight from his home to Nairobi to receive his winners cheque.

He has grand plans for his winnings and reiterated how SportPesa changes peoples lives and he is a testament of just how much.

“The first thing is to tithe and return to God because without Him none of this would be possible.

“Afterwards I can continue to buy a bike and hire someone to ride it so I can make some money daily. Aside from that, I look forward to building a house for my parents.

“SportPesa is changing lives, because where I was yesterday is not where I am at now. I urge everyone to trust them and keep trying. You never know,” the father of one stated.

Odero was not the only winner from the generous Mega Jackpot bonuses as Clinton Mokieyi and Francis Wagana also reaped huge winnings.

The duo both correctly predicted 14 out of 17 games and were fortunate enough to win KSHs 901,088 each!

The progressive SportPesa Mega Jackpot has now hit a record KSHs 311,934,836!

For only KSHs 99, you can make history by becoming the biggest football jackpot winner in the country.

Simply click this link and place your bet NOW! Remember, SportPesa offers the best bonuses in the market from 12 correct predictions.

This weekend’s Mega Jackpot kicks off on Saturday, July 15 at 5pm Kenyan time with a Finnish league match pitting Vaasan Palloseura vs AC Oulu.

If you miss this kick off time, you can still play the 16-game Mega Jackpot, currently standing at KSHs 79,494,573 and will kick off at 6:30pm Kenyan time.

The 15-game Mega Jackpot kicks off at 9:10pm, while the 14 and 13-game selections will start at 2am and 2:30pm respectively.

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