The SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonuses keep getting bigger and better and this weekend two lucky winners joined the Factory of Millionaires in fine style.

Evanson Kinyua and James Gitau saw their efforts help them win a mouthwatering KSHs 11,274,189.

They both correctly predicted 16 out of the 17 available games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot to be rewarded with the hearty bonus.

SportPesa boasts the best bonuses in the game and since there has not been a winner yet, the progressive jackpot now stands at a record KSHs 310,825,785!

For Kinyua, it was game number 16 pitting Independiente vs Huracan that he got wrong and stood between him and over 309 million shillings.

The contractor by profession had bet that the game would result in a draw, and he was not amused that the home team managed to battle to a 1-0 win.

“I always follow up on my bet slips and when I saw that the home team had won, I was not happy but at the end of the day, I’m still a winner.

“It’s because of God that I have won this money and my first order of business is to return to Him through a tithe. Without Him, none of this would be possible,” Kinyua told SportPesa’s Blog.

Kinyua has been an avid gamer with SportPesa for 4 years and he insists that everyone should try their luck, but responsibly of course.

The father of three daughters has no plan set in stone just yet for what he will do now that he is a millionaire but maintains he will continue to try win the entire Mega Jackpot.

“SportPesa is very real and I am a testament now. They are the best company and very transparent, I would never place my bet elsewhere.

“This money will help me and my family. In fact, now my wife is the one encouraging me to keep trying for the 310 million,” he chuckled.

His counterpart Gitau does not even recall the game that came between him and making SportPesa Mega Jackpot history.

Gordon Ogada remains the highest football jackpot winner in Kenya after his KSHs 230,742,881 victory and he was followed by Cosmas Korir months later, who bagged KSHs 208,733,619.

“You can only imagine how you would feel if only one game stopped you from winning over 309 million shillings. I don’t even remember which team it was.

“Though, I am actually still in disbelief because this is the biggest amount I have ever won courtesy of SportPesa. It’s life-changing,” Gitau explained.

“Since I started betting, I have never used anyone other than SportPesa and that will never change. They are the ones I trust,” he added.

Gitau has been selling tomatoes at the Muthurwa market for 10 years and insists that his business will remain as is, as he continues with an ongoing project.

He plans to finish building rental houses which he is certain will continue to generate income that will sustain him and his family for a long time.

Gitau went on to explain his betting strategy which includes an in-depth analysis of the games and more than one bet slip to increase his chances of winning.

“Before this huge win, the most I had ever won on SportPesa was KSHs 62,000. I continued trying because I knew one day my luck would change.

“I placed two different bet slips and I am very grateful that I managed to win this money. I can’t stop now, I am coming for the 310 million,” Gitau added.

Throughout the year, there have been numerous millionaires made courtesy of hearty Mega Jackpot bonuses and it could be you this weekend.

This weekend’s Mega Jackpot kicks off on Saturday, July 8 at 5pm!

Simply click this link to place your bet and you can become the biggest football jackpot winner in the country.

SportPesa’s bonuses for the Mega Jackpot begin from 12 correct predictions and this could as well see you join the factory of millionaires!

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