It’s becoming a habit; every weekend is making new millionaires in the country courtesy of the SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

It’s becoming a habit; every weekend is making new millionaires in the country courtesy of the SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

Last weekend, Nelson Omwega and Arthur Ayoyi correctly predicted 15/17 games and split the bonus, each bagging KSHs 1,419,248.

The Mega Jackpot offers healthy bonuses from 12 correct predictions and it is progressive, as it now sits at an astounding KSHs 286,394,985.

This comes a week after James Macharia became a millionaire after correctly predicting 15/17 games in the SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

What made his win even more interesting is that he did no analysis on his bet slip, rather he used the quick pick option provided on the platform.

The quick pick helps players by choosing a random selection of the games available and this is what came to Macharia’s rescue.

His efforts saw him win an astounding bonus amounting to KSHs 3,154,813.

Omwega, who runs his family’s shop business in Kisii, was very pleased with his win and went ahead to express how loyal he is to SportPesa.

“I only play on SportPesa because there is nobody else I trust. I have won previously and I have always been paid instantly.

“I got the message and then I was called by SportPesa to inform me that I was one of two bonus winners of the Mega Jackpot,” Omwega stated.

Omwega continued to say how this is a huge amount of money but he believes he can do better and will not stop until he does.

He placed only one bet slip that costs only KSHs 99 and he managed to correctly predict 15 games from the analysis that he had done.

“This is just the beginning by the way, because that 286 million is still up for grabs and now this will prompt me to try even harder.

“I’m grateful to SportPesa for making this process very easy and giving me my money immediately. I am sure I’ll be back soon,” he concluded.

The other winner Arthur Ayoyi’s win meant more to him than anything else because it was his very first win on SportPesa.

Ayoyi, a security guard with a local firm, could not hide his joy and expressed how special the win was especially after he has been playing with SportPesa for a couple years.

“This win has made me believe that SportPesa is very real because as soon as I got the message and checked my account, the money was already there.

“I was not expecting to win this type of money and I am very grateful to God because this will change my life,” Ayoyi told SportPesa’s Blog.

Just as Ayoyi could not believe that his first win courtesy of the Mega Jackpot was over 1 million shillings, even you for as little as 99 bob can play!

It’s very easy to register on SportPesa, simply click this link then deposit and play to stand the chance to win millions.

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