Life will never be the same for Jackson Mutiso after the became the latest winner of the SportPesa Midweek Jackpot.

Life will never be the same for Jackson Mutiso after he became the latest winner of the SportPesa Midweek Jackpot.

Mutiso, an orphan, joined the factory of millionaires after correctly predicting all 13 games in the Midweek Jackpot to win KSHs 20,892,489.

After being presented with his winners cheque by SportPesa, he went on to reiterate the importance of responsible betting to all gamers.

This win comes just two months after Stephen Ojwang’ squared up against the humongous SportPesa Midweek Jackpot and came out on top, becoming an instant millionaire.

The 50-year old from Siaya managed to correctly predict all 13 games in the Midweek Jackpot and won an astounding KSHs 23,027,939.

“By the time I received the phone call from SportPesa, I had already seen that the money had reflected in my account.

“It was not the first time I was speaking to SportPesa so I was very calm. All I can say is that my patience has finally paid off and I am grateful for this win,” the father of two stated.

Mutiso works as a plant operator for a Chloride Exide in Athi River and has insisted that he is in no rush to spend this money as he plans to see what works best for him.

His betting strategy involves just doing as much analysis as he can and placing just one bet slip, without even including any double chance options.

This means that he only spent KSHs 99 and this was enough to see him become the newest millionaire in town.

“I never put double chance, I feel that my analysis is enough and because of that I only place one jackpot slip.

“I have been playing with SportPesa since 2016 and without a doubt, this is the biggest amount I have ever won. I’m glad that it is a company I can trust,” he added.

“I am in no rush to spend the money. In fact, I will put a huge chunk of it into a fixed account and as it matures I will see the best ways to make a better life for my family.

The SportPesa Midweek Jackpot now resets to KSHs 10,000,000 and kicks off on Tuesday, June 6 at 8pm.

SportPesa offers generous bonuses from 10 correct predictions and all you need to do is click here to place your bet!

“I never place a bet with money from my salary. I urge everyone to continue playing with SportPesa but to always remember to bet responsibly!” Mutiso concluded.

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