The festive season has been so kind to plenty of winners courtesy of SportPesa, with the last week birthing three new millionaires in the country.

The festive season has been so kind to plenty of winners courtesy of SportPesa, with the last week birthing three new millionaires in the country.

The most trusted gaming company offers multiple products and the trio of millionaires attained that status from a different array of selections available on SportPesa.

Hillary Kiplang’at Korir was the latest huge winner as he was unveiled on Monday as the SportPesa Mega Jackpot bonus winner after getting 16/17 correct predictions.

The SportPesa Mega Jackpot is progressive and it now stands at a whopping KSHs 278,887,585 and believe it or not it only costs KSHs 99 to place your bet.

Korir used KSHs 400 to place different selections and his winning slip saw him win a life-changing KSHs 11,387,186.

The boda boda rider has been an avid gamer with SportPesa for five years and he admitted that this is the biggest amount he has ever won.

“I am too happy that my life has changed for the better courtesy of SportPesa. They are the ones I trust because my money was paid to me immediately.

“As I make plans to better my family, I will keep trying for the whole Mega Jackpot. I came so close and that is a sign that I can win the whole thing,” Korir told SportPesa’s Blog.

Korir, who hails from Bomet County, explained his plans to buy some land to build a house as well as starting a chicken business to maintain a steady income.

You too could be a millionaire by breaking barriers to become the biggest football jackpot winner in the country by clicking here and attempting the SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

Gordon Ogada remains the highest football jackpot winner in Kenya after his KSHs 230,742,881 victory and he was followed by Cosmas Korir months later, who bagged KSHs 208,733,619.

As soon as the Mega Jackpot reached the quarter of a billion threshold, Kenneth Wanjohi came agonizingly close to breaking the Kenyan football jackpot record.

Wanjohi also got 16 correct predictions and his efforts saw him win an astounding bonus of KSHs 20,031,087 that he insisted would go a long way in transforming his life.

The Christmas bells continued ringing and the message they brought for Kelvin Makokha is that he also became a millionaire courtesy of the SportPesa Midweek Jackpot.

The Kamiti-based mason correctly predicted the outcome of all 13 games in the pot to win a handsome KSHs 15,003,352 to usher in the festive season in style.

Everything changed for Makokha as the congratulatory message from SportPesa lit up his phone at 12:13am, throwing him into total shock.

He becomes the sixth winner of the SportPesa Midweek Jackpot this year and the progressive jackpot now resets to KSHs 10 million and it only costs KSHs 99 to place your bet slip.

“There is nothing as real as SportPesa to be honest. The money was in my account as soon as the last game was resulted and now my whole life has changed.

“I have always been an avid gamer with them and one time Manchester United kept me out of a Mega Jackpot bonus but I never stopped trying. Thank God I didn’t,” Makokha told SportPesa’s Blog.

Makokha is a father of one who resides in Kasarani and he has big plans that begin with buying a piece of land where he plans to build a home for his family.

With the remaining cash, he has his sights set on exploring and investing in a sustainable business venture that will ensure his family have steady income for the rest of their lives.

The final winner of the week explored another avenue as he placed a multibet consisting of 13 games and his total payout amounted to a staggering KSHs 1,000,037.

This slip cost him KSHs 40 and the SportPesa Multibet Boost earned him an extra KSHs 250,000 to his winnings.

This came less than a week after B Kipkorir managed to win an astounding KSHs 1,200,093 after he placed a multibet consisting of 23 games, which began in July and concluded on November 28.

In Kipkorir’s case he placed the bet with only KSHs 100 and his life was turned around courtesy of the mouthwatering payout.

SportPesa changed the game in that on your selection, you can receive a 350% boost on your multibet that can consist of up to 50 games.

Click here and select your own multibet with as low as KSHs 10 and you could receive a mouthwatering multibet boost on your winnings.

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