Mombasa County is first up as leading gaming company SportPesa arrived with the intention of shaking up the football scene at the coast.

Mombasa County is first up as leading gaming company SportPesa arrived with the intention of shaking up the football scene at the coast.

In line with its mission to develop football in the country and provide unique opportunities in the sport, SportPesa are due to make a big announcement in the coming days.

As we all know, the footballers we count on to enhance the club competitions and fly our Kenyan flag high, should be nurtured from a young age.

There are plenty of counties with structures already in place but without proper direction and guidance, their dreams of playing the beautiful game at a national and international stage may never be realized.

“We are very happy that SportPesa are in town and we cannot contain the excitement we have as we work together towards this goal.

“As a former footballer for our national team, I know the hardships players go through and this is very personal for me,” Football Kenya Federation chairperson for Mombasa County, Lilian Kazungu stated. 

Kazungu is one of two female chairpersons in the federation and she went on to explain from her own personal experience, that without proper help, the state of the sport will not change.

“There has to be inclusion of all age groups in the game, with the same attention given to all leagues running in the country.

“Players from all across the country deal with the same issues which all limit their growth and potential. Hopefully this and other initiatives will come up and help change thing,” she added.

SportPesa has been directly involved in momentous projects that have provided many firsts for Kenyan football, including bringing an English side to play on Kenyan soil for the first time in the country’s history.

Many are eagerly awaiting the announcement as they hold on to a hope that such incentives can be a foundation for many more that will undoubtedly change the outlook of football in the land and beyond our borders.

“The things that hinder players growth and success are things that they should not be dealing with at all.

“The players need to focus on bettering their skills and with SportPesa coming to help, we pray that such things will be of the past now,” said Jones Kyalo, an FKF youth member.

The cloud of anticipation is continuing to grow around the county as the announcement day inches closer.

“There is no doubt that this will be the start of a great thing and as long as we can continue to help develop football in the country, we shall do so however we can.

“This will be a great opportunity for football in the county and we look forward to the promise that comes with it,” SportPesa’s Head of Marketing, Liz Muragu concluded.

  1. I like what you are doing please can you come and support my ladies team call achievers fc from ongata rongai we were the champion of county league we are going to play regional in Nairobi was just pleading with your company if you can support us with equipment and jersey please if you consider it I will highly appreciate it thank you in advance.

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